Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June 27

I downloaded MotorStorm: RC for free on PSN. I was happy someone decided to be nice and release a full game entirely for free. I read up about it first, and I found it was well-received by critics and was given a reasonable rating by lots of people.
When I played it, I thought: why on earth would they charge money for this?? Maybe I'm being judgmental. But the first hint to my skepticism is immediately obvious: the graphics. They look un-detailed, small, and not visually appealing. Maybe die-hard remote-controlled race car racers may enjoy it profusely, but it failed to make me remember of the time when even I had my own remote controlled race car. The game was fun once in a while, but even just glancing your car off one side of the track could mean you just lost the race. The silly physics engine also made it possible for my car to do backward somersaults for almost no apparent reason! Quite irritating.

All in all, though, the devs put some work on it, and it's worth the trouble to go ahead and downloaded it now. Why? Because it's free, of course. Hurry and get it, and pretend you paid for it. (while it's still hosted for free.)

On a side note:
Many people complain about the Vita's terrible web browser. Admittedly... it is terrible. Slow, clunky, and aesthetically bad. But one of the biggest complaints is the inability to watch YouTube videos on your Vita. Yeah, that is pretty terrible. But I'm happy because the YouTube app has been released today. Thank goodness.

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