Saturday, June 30, 2012

June 30

So, as happy as I am with the new YouTube app for the Vita, I'm happy that I have an alternative, because I find it irritating that I have to buffer the videos every single time. I have crappy internet, so it bugs me.

PS Vita YouTube Downloader!

What I can do is download the videos to my memory card from YouTube in the web browser. This method is not mine, but I would like to share it with you guys because it helped a lot of people. This method was also featured in IGN and a bunch of videos. I'll try to make it simple.

Type this url into your web browser:
tap and hold PS Vita Tube Downloader, and wait for... nothing.
Nothing will seem to happen, but bookmark the page. The URL will say javascript something something something. Go ahead and change the Name to YouTube downloader or whatever you want, but leave the address alone.

Now go to YT. Choose a video you want to download it. It will still say that you do not have an html5 browser and it isn't supported, but just open the bookmark that you created a while ago. One or two small links will appear directly above the video, saying 480 or 720. Click on these and the download will start onto your memory card. Enjoy :)

Note: Some videos don't have HD so a 720 pixels option may not be available.

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